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Saich Onman
Saich Onman Oct 12 '23

When the Las Vegas Raiders released their 53-man lineup earlier this week, there was one step that captured almost every person by surprise. Pass receiver Kristian Wilkerson wound up making the group over Phillip Dorsett which, in hindsight, shouldn't have been all that shocking. During the preseason, Wilkerson led the Raiders with 188 obtaining lawns which likewise placed 3rd among all wideouts. However what might have pushed him over the side for the area is he laid a couple of excellent blocks in the running game, earning an above-average run-blocking quality from Pro Football Emphasis in 2 out of 3 contests, which is uncommon for a wideout. Here, we'll study a few of those reps in addition to a handful of catches. 3 rd 1 and Kristian Wilkerson has a great crack block to establish the conversion Raiders Matt Owner (August 31, 2023It's 3rd and one and the Raiders run lead outside area in the play over. The one wrinkle they use is Wilkerson remains in a minimized or cut split, suggesting he's aligned more detailed to the offending line, and is going to crack-block the stand-up outside linebackeredge defender. That's a difficult block because the wideout goes to a considerable dimension disadvantage blocking basically a protective electrician, but Wilkerson takes a great angle and is physical at the point of assault to pin the defender within just sufficient to give Zamir White an outside lane and relocate the chains While the backer does at some point damage free, the receiver has done his task and you can not request far more from a guy that's surrendering at the very least 50 extra pounds to the person he's blocking. Kristian Wilkerson with a stunning third level block, pushing the security from 1 hash to the various other RaiderNation Matt Holder (August 31, 2023Here, Las Las vega is running iso and Wilkerson's task is to go block the safety to produce a lane and possibly established a touchdown. He takes a great angle approximately the third degree and starts to break down to avoid over-pursuing. At the point of call, he does a fantastic task of obtaining his hands included and running his feet to press the security from one hash mark to the other. If the blocking in advance had been much better and Damien Williams had the ability to damage with the second degree, this could be a touchdown. Blocks like these from wide receivers are just how eruptive plays can take place in the ground game. Another excellent block from Kristian Wilkerson Raiders Matt Holder (August 31, 2023The play style is very various than the last clip, but the blocks from Wilkerson on this clip and the one before are rather comparable. The Raiders run a jet move and Wilkerson's work is to ride the cornerback where the corner intends to go and create a lane for Tre Tucker to score. Once again, he damages down before call, utilizes his hands and maintains his feet moving to expand the protector to the sideline. I additionally like just how Wilkerson obtains his hips around to give Tucker a simple read and a within lane to paydirt had the safety not sniffed this play out from the jump. Kristian Wilkerson attacks take advantage of and makes a wonderful grab over the center RaiderNation Matt Holder (August 31, 2023Moving on a couple of routescatches that caught my eye from Wilkerson. In the play above, he's lined up across from a cornerback who is playing off coverage and has outside utilize on him. To create room to the inside on the dig path, he attacks that take advantage of and that additionally assists expand the throwing window. Approved, the linebacker in this circumstances is late to obtain to his site with the play-action phony, however a route similar to this will certainly pay rewards versus far better competition. To coating, Wilkerson makes the catch over the middle and braces himself for call to keep the ball and grab the first down. Well done!Kristian Wilkerson doesn't get the sphere right here however this is an attractive news release Raiders Matt Owner (August 31, 2023Our subject doesn't get the sphere here but this is a gorgeous news release. Off the line, he does an excellent job of reaching settle on the cornerback to offer himself a two-way go and after that uses his speed and speed to create separation. That enables Wilkerson to win versus journalism corner as he is wide open on the move course, the round simply mosts likely to Tucker who also wins off the line. Wilkerson had a number of representatives such as this where he beats press and is open, the pass just really did not come his way. My favorite component concerning Kristian Wilkerson's TD is he was open on the fade course too lol RaiderNation Matt Holder (August 31, 2023We'll finish with Wilkerson's beautiful goal catch. Related Raiders 2023 roster: Obtain to know Kristian WilkersonOff the line of scrimmage, we see an additional wonderful press launch with quick feet on the foot fire and great usage of hands to get open on the fade route. Yet Aidan O'Connell reads the three-receiver side initially so the ball doesn't come Wilkerson's way initially. But he doesn't quit on the play and transforms his route right into what essentially ends up being an angle. To top the play off, he makes a wonderful grab in the back of the end zone with some toe-drag boodle to place six points on the board.